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WHY  is it so damn difficult to break up with plastic?

It's everywhere - in our clothing, wrapped around our food, in our drinking water and on our beaches.  Plastic has been found as deep as the Mariana trench and as high as Mt. Everest.   But I don't believe it should be so hard to live a life free from plastic, so I built Little Giants NZ as your local waste-conscious lifestyle store designed to provide access to affordable, ecologically-conscious products to our community.

MY name is Charlotte & I want to make it easy for you to find sustainable alternatives like bamboo toothbrushes, reusable bottles and wooden cleaning brushes, so have a full range of plastic-free products made with natural fibres and materials.  I also over the years have learnt more about toxins in 'mainstream' beauty products, and so have developed my own handmade range of natural beauty care which I encourage you to check out.

Little Giants is committed to empowering our Bay of Islands community with knowledge and choice, to protect our beautiful environment, and to begin thinking consciously about usage and waste.  To help achieve this, 10% of all Little Giants products are donated to The Ocean Mind Project to fund local Ocean Education & Community Initiatives including litter clean-ups, resource diversion/up-cycling projects and informative workshops.  Read more about the Ocean Mind Project here.

I'm a real person here behind the scenes - I have spent years in this space and llove to share my experiences and recommendations with you so if you have any questions about a product, if there's something you're struggling to find or you just don't know where to start, please drop me a line so we can chat :)

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Physical Store

Polluted Beach

Open 7 days   9 - 4pm

Kaipatiki EcoHive 
195 Puketona Road
Paihia 0204

If you prefer to browse in store we have our full range of eco products at the Eco Hive, PLUS the Little Foot REFILLERY available.  Here you can re-fill your cleaning and bathroom products - natural, affordable, NZ made and plastic-free!   Laundry liquid,  cleaning sprays, bathroom and oven cleaner, hair care, body and hand soaps and more.  Bring along your empty containers to reuse or grab one of our repurposed glass bottles for koha.

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