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The OCEAN MIND Project

What's it all about?

Awareness,  Education  &  Action.   It’s about keeping an ‘ocean mind’...  Our mission is to encourage awareness around waste, ocean plastics and the importance of the amazing flora & fauna that live in our seas.  We want both to educate our community as well as facilitate important action and change  -  together, we can do better!

What are the goals?

Funds raised through the OCEAN MIND Project will be reinvested locally into:

  • Supporting Marine Research projects with Tri Oceans

  • Facilitating community workshops teaching waste reduction tools

  • Initiate practical waste reduction projects eg sea bins, rubbish clean ups

  • Being champions of our ocean - raising awareness to our cause through ocean-minded events

How are we going to make this happen?

10% of proceeds from both Kayla Oceana’s artwork & Little Giants NZ eco products are donated to the OCEAN MIND Project.  This means that each time you make a purchase, you are not only supporting a small independent business, you are also helping us make cool things happen! 

How can I get involved?

  • Join our social media accounts and share, share, share!!  At the moment the support we need most is awareness of our project so that we can create the biggest impact - so if you see a post you like, please like-save-and-share it, we’d even love for you to tag us in your summer ocean adventure pics!

  • Consider purchasing your Xmas gifts from us!  Kayla Oceana’s card packs and prints are absolutely stunning and a great way to treat your ocean-loving friends, and Little Giants NZ have so many beautiful eco products, there’s something practical for even the most hard-to-buy-for family member!  Shop online, in-store at Kaipatiki Eco Hive, or come chat to us and browse our next market stall (dates and locations updated weekly).

  • Very soon we will be initiating some local community workshops and events aimed to impart knowledge and tools to help you live a low-waste lifestyle.  Sign up to our (not spammy, we promise!) events email to stay in touch here.

  • We are working on a small information and retail display package for local shops and businesses to be able to help support our work.  Locations will be limited to start so if you’re interested, let us know for first dibs!


We can’t do this alone - we’re all about collaboration so if you are also an ocean-lover who would like to help us run events or to contribute to the OCEAN MIND project, please get in touch via email 

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