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How Magnesium Gel Can Help Your Entire Life...

Have you ever had a muscle injury? What about chronic muscular-skeletal pain?

Are you one of the 10% of people who suffer from restless legs? Maybe you have trouble sleeping and someone recommended you try taking magnesium tablets? They were on the right track!

Going without sleep and living in discomfort is an incredibly hard thing. When we are in that state it affects everything we do and it can be so hard to find relief without medication (which there's nothing wrong with!). But when pain is chronic and/or you are trying to avoid pharmaceuticals due to pregnancy or personal choice, I have a little secret I want to share with you....

Say Hello to your new best friend: Topical Magnesium.

Magnesium is one of 16 essential minerals that our bodies need, yet the majority of the population are deficient. Unfortunately, oral forms of Magnesium supplementation are often not well absorbed as much of it is destroyed in the digestive tract. Trans-dermal (applied on and absorbed through the skin) Magnesium Therapy is rapidly absorbed at a cellular level and is carried through the body to where it is needed. Read: fast, effective action!

Magnesium is known to provide comfort for especially sore, achy muscles, restless leg syndrome, fatigue and cramping, to aiding in sleep or how I use it most gratefully - to ease painful menstrual cramps. Not to mention, it's actually really amazing for skin health, too! Whenever I feel achy or have strained a muscle, this is the first thing I reach for. It doesn't 'fix' the source of the pain, but what it does do is provides relief by taking the edge off and reducing the discomfort. As the magnesium absorbs it also travels to the injury, providing vital mineral assistance to muscle and tissue repair (so it helps things heal faster)

Using Magnesium gel is as simple as taking a pea-sized amount and applying to skin, especially wherever you're experiencing pain, discomfort, aching in your body [*avoiding broken skin and delicate areas]. There is no upper limit of magnesium, so you can apply as often as you like.

If you suffer from any of the above complaints, I invite you to incorporate this Therapy into your daily life as a self care practice to assist in relieving discomfort.

I have handcrafted two formulas with my heart intuition to include Hibiscus Flower & Neroli, and Kawakawa & Nettle. All ingredients are certified vegan and cruelty free, with an option for completely plastic free packaging in respect for Pāpatūānuku. Both are available on this very website! (link below).

Which one is right for you?

Hibiscus is the gorgeous pink and very popular. It is great for sleep and relaxing restless legs with the inclusion of Lavender. Also the Neroli and Clary Sage are powerful when wanting relief from menstrual cramping. Clary Sage and Hibiscus however may have some aversions for use during pregnancy in which case I recommend the Kawakawa blend. Kawakawa is known for its analgesic properties and Nettle can be very effective on arthritic pain. Both contain the same strength of magnesium, so the choice is yours!

Check out the Magnesium range HERE


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