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Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Little Giants NZ is a local waste-conscious lifestyle store designed to provide access to affordable, ecologically-conscious products to our community.

WHY? Because plastic is forever!

Plastic is made from fossil fuels - a finite resource - and as it's discarded, is filling landfills and marine environments at an alarming rate. Even when it does degrade (450 years for a plastic bottle) it can only break down into 'micro-plastics', small plastic particles which have already been detected within the human food chain. While plastic products are ingrained into our convenience-consumer lifestyle, easy alternatives for single-use plastics are available.

Little Giants are committed to empowering our Bay of Islands community with knowledge and choice, to protect our beautiful environment, and to begin thinking consciously about usage and waste.

Through our shop we hope to fund local community initiatives including litter clean-ups, resource diversion/up-cycling projects and informative workshops.

Join our community page at The Ocean Mind Project and come see us at Kaipatiki Eco Hive (195 Puketona Rd, Paihia)

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